Shibarium Launch: ‘As Soon As Possible!’ Get Ready for Crypto Revolution

• Shibarium is Shiba Inu’s Layer 2 network that will be launched soon.
• Developers can build their projects over the Shibarium network for free.
• The ecosystem has been maintaining patience since Jan 2023, and now developers can fill out an intake form to get partnered with the project and gain additional benefits.

Shibarium Network

Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s Layer 2 network doesn’t require any intro into the world of cryptocurrency. Since the date of initiation, the SHIBARMY is foreseeing the official mainnet launch. Exceptionally, the lead developer of the network is being communicative source for the overall project now.

Beta Release Date

The release of beta is still being mentioned as “as soon as possible”. With its launch, documents are also expected to be updated and users are advised not to fall prey to any scam. Assets and resources available in the beta version are subject to testing until mainnet launch.

Intake Form for Partnership Benefits

Shibarium L2 chain is accessible to all, and developer can build their project over it. But now, to get partnered or to gain access to additional benefits, a representative from the project has to fill out an intake form provided by Shibarium team. This system allows them find best projects and link them together with others who can help or assist them in building their projects on this platform.

Relative Tokens Price Rise

The relative tokens SHIB and BONE have been sailing quite a high tide in last three months among crypto traders & investors worldwide. The present price of SHIB is $0.00001278, and for BONE it is $1.89 respectively at press time which shows its potential on marketplaces in coming days or weeks ahead!


Shibarium is predefined as a “fast, cheap, and relatively robust” technology for blockchain community which makes it more reliable & secure then other networks so far released in marketplaces worldwide till today!